Braided Waves and Clarke and the Himselfs Tour

Clarke and the Himselfs II - 12/27/13
The XIV Himselfs Release

1. Railbug 2. Toxic World 3. Verbtown 4. Melanie 5. Untitled 6. Suicide Girl 7. Snake Song

Recorded at Firekeeper's Stereo by Jared Meyer in Ft. Collins, CO. June, 2013. Mixes, Masters and Additional Overdubs by Tuck Nelson at Goldtop Studios in London.

Clarke and the Himselfs - 06/05/13
The XIII Himselfs Release

1.See What you See 2. Never Meant What you Say 3. Cabin Boy 4. Better if you don't Say No 5. Front Street 6. Sun Falls down 7. Asteroid 8. Hate the World

Recorded on location at the Red Room in Boise, ID. Engineered by Eric Penney and Mixed and Mastered by Eric Penney and Clarke Howell in Newport, OR.

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